Sunny Days – Eye Wear

Finally Sun decided to come out! But, even thou you have great looks, it can be completed only with perfect sunglasses!
Also some other accessories can be very nice to look at; like e.g. purses or bags, perfectly fitted to the rest of you.

My favorite since last winter is definitely Dolce&Gabbana. What they make currently is blowing my mind off! It is the pure, evil elegance they have in those clothes; I believe that every one can look really attractive in them. It is the sacred scent that comes out of the last winter’s collection; the floral power that practically smells amazing this spring/summer…
Classics is thou The One and The One Rose (which I always have at  home; for any occasion the best scent – trust me, people, especially men will turn after you ;-)

Here some adorable eye wear; hair accessory, purses, blouses, and even good looking men with eye wear! ;-)
(photos taken from D&G Facebook page)

One day I will be rich enough to buy all those stuff! Although you can find some of D&G sunglasses with almost 70% off here.
Some of them are elegant and still in style of this spring’s collection.
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Copper Art

Dragan Stojkovic is making copper art candle holders! He is doing them by his own hands, with lots of love and time, of course. They are really pretty to look at, giving quite enough light to enjoy the evening (can be really romantic!) and still they keep the wind away. If you ever go to Belgrade, make sure to look for him at the Street of Skadarlija, also SKADARSKA Street.

Here are some impressions:

Going out on day in Belgrade

There will be few more posts coming:
All will be handling about going outs during the day, evening (as a preparation) for the night.

This time I will show you few other locations which are just an example of where you could go out:
One of them is the Skadarska Street, the other one is an 100year old tavern turned into a cafe/bar called Requiem.
Both of them are relatively near to each other with a little difference: Skadarska Street (also known as Skadarlija) is a pure touristic attraction. It is an old bohemian street, with an old flair and there is one cafe after another. You can eat and drink here (which I always do, once I reach Belgrade: it is something I miss in Germany).
Requiem is very small, practically not easy to be seen (I also found it accidentally!). It is modern, they have cocktails and alcohol as well as juices…Actually, everything a bar must have.

Here you can see how they look like – Requiem (Gundulicev Venac 39, 11000 Belgrade)

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And the beautiful street of Skadarlija (near the city center, Place of the Republic):

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Middle age in Serbia

We went to the ethnic village in Sirogojno, near mountain Zlatibor.People there used to collect objects from very old families, which lived there for centuries, too, and so they put them into this huge museum.
Very authentic it is, it has two households (this usually had 2-3 houses with very few rooms, with fireplaces in the middle or corners; one silo, storage room and rooms for milk, cheese and kajmak production. Not to mention stables with diverse animals.

Among these two households you can also book a night in one of those houses! Sure, beds are modern there, yet the ambient is different. Since it is in the purest nature it is clean, air is breathable and it is silent. There is also a tavern there, serving some of the old food  and drink habits but also for a modern person something for everyone. You can also visit a museum there, which shows the habits and traditions of that area around Sirogojno; theres is shop with pots typical for that region and blankets as well as herbage.

Here some impressions:

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Good food in Serbia

Here is another post about my travels and eating habits (as always, I must eat since I live for it).
This time I must and will talk about the restaurant in Belgrade called JEVREM.

Short about its name:
Jevrem Obrenovic was the youngest brother of Serbian count Milos Obrenovic, who is very famous and known for his reign as a Prince of Serbia. Under his rule, Serbia became an autonomous principality within the Ottoman Empire.

Jevrem restaurant can be found in the Street of Master Jevrem, near the Museum of Dositej and Vuk.

Now, to the ambient:
When you enter this location, you seem to be in Italy all of a sudden.  Stony floors, flowers, chairs and tables outside make a really good Mediterranean feeling. Inside it is a kind of a mixture between bohemian 20′ies and modern times.
Prices are excellent, service is perfect and friendly, and if you want to eat something you are not waiting too long till it is on your table. All in all: 10/10 points.

Here are my impressions:

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Make it blue!

I’m a big, old girl and I do not like pink; I like, love, adore blue!
Everything has to be blue; I even have a blue room in my flat.

Yet, the flat ain’t the subject now. It is the summer, great summer days Germany has in past few weeks. Lots of sun, warmth, and it calls for colors. Mine is blue today.I had blue flower in my hair, but I forgot to make a photo of it while it was still there…
All you need is: blue shoes, purse/bag, dress, hair&hand/arm accessories and not to make it totally odd, some other color, like green (in my case). Or white jacket, too.

IMAG0418 IMAG0417 IMAG0416 IMAG0415 IMAG0414 IMAG0413 IMAG0412

Fashion for inbetween

These are older pictures, but I made them last summer in the fields with my friends. I had this honor to dress them myself (like big living dolls *g*) and I am pretty sure they liked it! Enjoy these two gorgeous ladies, twin sisters S. and M.

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